Oxito is committed to protecting the planet

a world facing increasingly serious energy and environmental issues, Oxito has chosen the path of responsibility by committing to help protect the environment.  By this daily commitment, we want to show that an established company in an energy-intensive domain can address performance issues while following eco-responsible policy which favors sustainable development.

This is why we are particularly proud to be able to offer ecological web hosting that respects the MyClimate label awarded to our company Net4all.ch SA.

It is obviously impossible to have zero CO2 emissions, however we provide financial compensation for all our carbon dioxide emissions.  This financial compensation is then used by the MyClimate foundation to design and back projects all over the world, directly reducing greenhouse effect gases and thereby protecting the climate.

Please consult the list of projects backed by the MyClimate foundation

In 2010, our company released the equivalent of 20.7 tons of CO2 which is particularly low for our field of activity.  By comparison, a European produces on average the equivalent of 9 tons of CO2 a year.

To achieve these low emissions we took a series of measures, the most significant of which are summarized below:

  • Our datacenter’s electricity supply comes entirely from a renewable energy source (100% hydraulic)
  • Our offices’ electricity supply is also certified "green energy" (100% hydraulic)
  • We use the latest generation low energy use servers
  • We recycle all our waste (PET plastic, paper and cardboard, aluminum, glass, etc.)
  • Our end-of-life servers are disposed of respecting an ecological process

Today Oxito encourages companies and individuals to follow the same path to ensure the sustainability of our environment, for the benefit of everyone and particularly our children.