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1.1. What is Recodoc?

Recodoc backups files on the internet. The files are stored in a secured datacenter and they can easily be restored. 


1.2. What do I need to be able to use Recodoc?

A computer, an internet connection and the Recodoc software. When using the software, you can select the data you want to backup online.


1.3. Which are the advantages of Recodoc compared to convential backup solutions?

The backup is done automatically, you don't need to worry about it.

The data is stored outside of your office. There's no risk that your computer and your data might be damaged during theft, fire or flooding.

There are no hidden costs, you know exactly how much Recodoc will cost you.

It's simple to use and configure.

The support offered by our service desk for your service. 


1.4. Can Recodoc replace other backup solutions?

Yes, completely. Recodoc even offers more features than other backup solutions and it's easier to use.


2.1. What is the required configuration to make Recodoc work?

  • Pentium III Processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • At least 25 MB free
  • An Internet connection
  • A PC or server with a 300MHz processor


2.2. Which platforms are compatible with Recodoc?

  • Windows

    Windows Seven, Vista, XP, 2000 Professional.

  • Linux

    The most popular Linux versions, such as RedHat, SuSE and Debian, as well as the systems based on Debian such as Ubuntu. Required Java 1.5 or beyond.

  • Mac OS X

    Recodoc is compatible with the machines and servers Mac OS X 10.4.10 and beyond.



2.3. Is Recodoc compatible with Linux, Unix or Mac?

Yes, Recodoc works with Linux and Mac; you can find a full list of compatible systems by clicking here.


2.4. What type of internet connection do I need to use Recodoc?

Recodoc works with any internet connection. Recodoc doesn't depend on the provider. For a better result, it's preferable to have at least ADSL or cable, but Recodoc will work even with a 128 kb/s connection, only that will take a little bit more time. 


2.5. Can Recodoc backup my MS Exchange server?

The version we offer on Oxito doesn't allow backing up an Exchange server. A server version that supports Exchange can be ordered on our dedicated site


2.6. Can Recodoc backup my MS SQL server?

The version we offer on Oxito doesn't allow backing up an MS SQL server. A server version that supports MS SQL can be ordered on our dedicated site


3.1. Is my data secured with Recodoc?

Recodoc has been developed with a priority towards security. Your data is encrypted and compressed, you are the only one who knows the encrypted key. The data is encrypted with an unbreakable algorithm.

Then the data is sent through an SSL connection, which corresponds to the connection you use when doing e-banking.

Finally, the data is stocked in a highly secured environment, at a network access level (firewall) as well as at a physical level. Several banks host their own servers in this same datacenter.

No other person than yourself can retrieve your data, not even the authorities or the Recodoc team.


3.2. Recodoc uses encryption. What is it about?

When data enters an unsecured environment such as the Internet, hackers with good technical knowledge may access it illegally. This is why Recodoc integrates data encryption. Data is encrypted before leaving your computer and it's only decoded where you restore it on your computer. Even if someone could steal your data during the connection or from one of our backup servers, this person couldn't read your data. Encryption is automatically done by Recodoc. 

Recodoc uses AES or Advance Encryption Standard, a data encryption protocol. The AES algorithm encrypts and decrypts the data in 126 or 256 bit blocks. This type of encryption makes the transaction and backup of your data with Recodoc extremely secured. Your data can only be accessed by authorized persons (only you).

3.3. What happens if I lose my encryption key?

In this situation, you won't be able to retrieve your data. For security and technical reasons, not even our team of technicians knows your key and cannot technically retrieve your data. If you forget your encryption key, you won't be able to retrieve your data and this will be lost.

This is why it's important to choose an encryption key you'll remember. It may be a good idea to keep this key in a secured place, such as a safe.


3.4. Recodoc uses a SSL connection. What is this about?

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encryption protocol that secures communications on the internet by using encryption and certification. This protocol is generally used to secure electronic transactions on the internet. For example, your online bank account connection uses SSL. 


4.1. How to install Recodoc?

You'll install Recodoc on a computer or server by using a setup file we'll provide you with and which guides you through the installation process. The installation is very simple and it doesn't take more than five minutes.

You can find extra instructions about the installation in the user manual.



4.2. On how many computers can I use Recodoc?

You can use Recodoc on an unlimited number of computers.


4.3. Does Recodoc also work on a laptop?

Recodoc has special features that allow laptop users who are often on a trip to use the solution in its entirety and simplicity. Recodoc makes sure that when you reconnect your computer to the internet a new backup is immediately sent to our storing servers. Recodoc can also resume a backup process that has been stopped before completion.

All you have to do is to regularly connect to the internet to backup your files.


4.4. How much storage space do I have the right to use?

On a free acccount, you have a storage space of 1 Go. The used storage space is deduced from the remaining quota for hosting your site.

With an OFFICE account, the quota depends on your hosting offer and it's defined as following:

The used storage space is deduced from the remaining quota for hosting your site

  • For a MINI account the quota is 3 Go
  • For a CLASSIC account the quota is 20 Go
  • For a PREMIUM account the quota is 90 Go


4.5. Do I have to leave my computer open all the time?

No, you can shut down your computer any time you want, without having to worry about Recodoc. If Recodoc was doing backup when you shut down the computer, it will simply resume the backup when you turn on your computer and connect it to the internet.

There aren't any risks during power cut or internet connection fail because the backup process will also be resumed when the system will be turned on and connected to the internet again. 


4.6. What happens if my computer is shut down at the time I've planned the backup process? 

Recodoc will automatically launch the backup process once the computer or server is switched on and connected to the internet.


4.7. What happens if my computer is not connected to the internet at the time I've planned the backup process?

Recodoc will automatically launch the backup when the internet connection will be active again.


4.8. Is there a Recodoc manual?

Yes, there is an user manual that describes in detail Recodoc functioning. It is available on the download page of the software, which can be accessed through the administration console


4.9. Which are the languages Recodoc is available in?

Recodoc is available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Dutch.


4.10. What files can I backup?

In principle, you can backup any type of file, as long as you have enough storage space on your account. 


4.11. How often can I perform my backups?

With the Recodoc software you are the one to decide how often you make backups: daily, weekly or monthly. Of course, nothing stops you from making extra manual backups as often as you wish. 


4.12. Can I define the moment when Recodoc will make the backup?

Yes, you can define the hour and day in the Recodoc software.


4.13. Can I manually launch a backup process, outside planning? 

Yes, you can manually launch a backup process any time you like with the Recodoc software. 


4.14. How will I know if a backup process was successful?

If you wish, you can configure Recodoc so that you'll receive a notification on your screen or on your email after every backup. 


4.15. Recodoc performs incremental backups, what does that mean?

Recodoc only saves the files that have been edited or the edited part of those files. That means that only the necessary data will be send, which optimizes the backup time. The first time the backup is made, the whole file needs to be sent. This will take longer than the following backup processes.


4.16. Why does the first backup take more time?

Recodoc only backups the files that have been edited or the edited part of those files. That means that only the necessary data will be sent, which optimizes the backup time. The first time the backup is made, the whole file needs to be sent. This will take longer than the following backup processes.


4.17. What happens if I change a large file?

Recodoc automatically detects changes, even changes in a file. Only the edited parts will be backed up. For example, if you add a paragraph to a large document, that paragraph will be the only one included in the backup process.


4.18. Why does Recodoc compress the files?

Recodoc compresses the files during backup to improve the method's efficiency. After compression, your files are generally less voluminous, which is particularly true for text documents. Multimedia file compression doesn't allow gaining too much space. 

Since your files will be less voluminous, they will need less time to be transferred through the internet and they will occupy less space on the storage servers.

As an user you won't notice anything because when you restore the files, these will be automatically decompressed. 


4.19. Is the storage space in the datacenter based on the compressed files? 

Yes, for example 20 Gb represents the data volume after compression. Therefore, on your computer this could represent up to 40 Gb. 


4.20. Could I backup multiple versions of the same file (history)? 

Yes, you can choose how many versions you'd like to keep. The default value is 3 and the minimum value is 2. 


4.21. What happens if I use all my storage space?

You'll be informed by email before reaching the maximum capacity. If you reach the maximum capacity, you'll also receive an email and you won't be able to make any more backups. You can then change your hosting formula to receive more storage space.


4.22. How could I increase or decrease my storage space?

You can change your hosting formula in order to receive more space for your backups.


4.23. How much does it cost to increase or decrease the storage space?

You won't pay any additional costs, only the price difference between the old and the new offer. 


4.24. Is my backed up data saved after an update?

Yes, your data will be saved after an update. 


5.1. Can Recodoc save a file I'm working on?

Yes, the Recodoc technology allows it to backup open files, feature which is very often used to save your emails (when Outlook is open) or the Word or Excel documents you're currently working on. 


5.2. Can I define the bandwidth that Recodoc will use?

Yes, in order to make sure that the Recodoc backup won't use all the bandwidth and therefore disturb your internet activities during that time. You can define the parameters for the maximum percentage you want to allocate to the backup process. 


5.3. How are the errors during backup being reported?

Error messages can appear because of multiple reasons. You can see the error messages in the Recodoc software under « Logs and reports ». You'll also be warned by email at every backup and every restoration. When launching Recodoc, the backup status is being displayed visibly and you can immediately see if your files are backed up correctly. 


5.4. How to update Recodoc?

You can define the parameters of the Recodoc software so that it will automatically download and install updates. 


5.5. Can I delete data from the storage server?

Yes, you can easily delete files by using the Recodoc software.


5.6. What happens if I stop backing up?

You'll be warned by email that you haven't made any backups for several days. 

Be careful because a free account that hasn't been used for 3 months in a row will be automatically deleted.


6.1. Can Recodoc backup my emails?

Yes, Recodoc can backup your emails on Outlook Express and Outlook. Recodoc automatically detects the location of your emails in Outlook Express or Outlook. You should simply select email backup in the Recodoc software.


6.2. I don't know where my emails are being stored on my computer. How can I back them up?

Recodoc will automatically detect the location of your emails in Outlook and Outlook Express. You don't need to know how Outlook generates email storage. All you have to do is to select email backup in the Recodoc software.

If you don't have Outlook Express or Outlook, then select the directory where emails are being stored. In this situation, consult the documentation of your mailing software.


6.3. Can Recodoc backup my favorites?

Yes, you only have to select this parameter in the Recodoc software, which will automatically detect where your MS Explorer favorites are stored and it will back them up.


6.4. I don't know the storage location of my favorites. How can I back them up? 

For Explorer favorites, Recodoc will automatically detect their location; you simply have to select the parameter in the software. 

For other browsers, you have to indicate the directory where the favorites are located, and to find that out you should consult the documentation of your browser.


7.1. Why does Recodoc create temporary copies for the files?

Recodoc creates temporary copies for the files in order to avoid affecting the computer performance during the encryption and compression of large files. This temporary copy is deleted immediately after the file has been processed.


7.2. Can I define the location where temporary files will be stored?

Yes, in Options > Advanced you can define the location for storing temporary files.


7.3. How often is Recodoc updated?

There are only a few updates per year that can be installed automatically.


7.4. Which are the ports used by Recodoc?

Recodoc uses the 443 (SSL) port to send and restore files and the 80 (web) port for software updating.

You shouldn't bring any modifications to the configuration of your firewall or your safety parameters because in principle these two ports are open everywhere.


7.5. Can Recodoc backup network players?

The version offered by Oxito doesn't allow backing up network players. However, you could subscribe to the Server version on our dedicated website, which is in charge or network players.   


7.6. How to restore my lost data?

To restore files or folders:

To restore the whole system:

  • 1. Install Recodoc, enter your login, password and encryption key
  • 2. Restore the files and folders you need
  • 1. Install Microsoft Windows
  • 2. Install Recodoc, enter your login, password and encryption key
  • 3. Recuperate the system state with Recodoc
  • 4. Restore the system state with NTBackup
  • 5. Restart Windows
  • 6. Restore all files and folders, as well as user permissions


7.7. Can I do a Bare Metal Restore with Recodoc?

No, that's not possible because Recodoc needs an operation system to work and restore data.


7.8. How does a pre-script and post-script work with Recodoc?

During a backup task you can select a script batch that will be performed before or after backup. Such a script can be « C:\Scripts\prescript.bat ». Among others, inside this script you can start and stop certain services. For example, if you want to stop Microsoft Indexing Service before launching the backup process, you'll write the following line in your preceding script: 

Net stop «Indexing Service »


7.9. Can I launch Recodoc from command line and how?

Recodoc contains a separate program which can be used to start the backup task from the command line (dos window). After creating a backup task in Recodoc, this task can be launched from command line by using a script: 

"c:\program files\winzip\wzzip" c:\backups\test.zip c:\data\*
"c:\program files\totalbackup\backupagentconsoleapp" backup /login username /pass password /key key /server https://services.backup.com /task "command-line"
cd C:\backups
del *.* /q

This script creates a .zip file for C:\Data and launches the task which backs up the file in C:\Backup


7.10. Does Recodoc work in the background?

Yes, a process works in the background and performs the backup even though the Recodoc program is not open. In Windows, this process works in the same time as the Windows Service and it's called « OnlineBackupService.exe ». In Mac OS-X and Linux, this process works as a daemon.


8.1. How will I know if an update is available?

If you have selected "Always install the latest version available", Recodoc will automatically be updated when you start the program.  

If you haven't selected that option, when you open Recodoc you'll receive a message that invites you to update the program. 


8.2. How can I update Recodoc?

If you have selected "Always install the latest version available", Recodoc will automatically be updated when you start the program.  

If you haven't selected that option, when you open Recodoc you'll receive a message that invites you to update the program. Click "yes" to install the update. If you click "no", the message will appear the next time you open Recodoc.


9.1. I have problems with Recodoc; what can I do?

If you have problems you can consult the user manual, the questions on this page or our support desk, of course.

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